School of GeoSciences

Analytical Equipment

a catalogue of equipment available to carry out analyses.

  • Shimadzu TOC-V (High Temperature Catalytic Oxidation) analyser with TNM module for chemiluminescence detection of Nitrogen
  • Two Agilent 5890 GC systems with autoinjector, split/splitless or on-column injection with Flame Ionisation Detectors (FID)
  • One gradient Agilent 1100 series HPLC system with autoinjector and fluorescence detector.
  • An Agilent 5890 GC system with Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD).
  • A GC-MS system (Agilent 6890 GC, 5973 MSD) with autoinjector, split/splitless or on-column injection, Electron Impact (EI) or Chemical Ionisation ( PCI or NCI ) capability and spectral libraries. Data processing is with Agilent Chemstation for MSD.
Support facilities
  • Fume cupboards
  • Microbalance
  • Freeze drier, autoclave and muffle furnace
  • Refrigerated centrifuges
  • Organic-clean ultrapure water
  • Soxhlet and ultrasonic equipment for lipid and hydrocarbon extractions
  • Column chromatography for lipid class separation
  • Centrifugal and rotary evaporation systems
  • Networked chromatographic data processing software