School of GeoSciences

Mechanical Workshop

The mechanical workshop provides design, build and manufacture services on different types of materials and for a wide range of purposes. We support research and teaching, activities and work closely with our customers in the development of bespoke apparatus.

The Workshop undertakes:

  • Production/manufacture of bespoke equipment to support research across the school
  • Technical advice on best options to support labs/facilities/research with respect to Mechanical Workshop capabilities.
  • Technical drawing for costing and manufacture of bespoke items to be manufactured by the workshop (or external manufacturers).


Available equipment includes

  • Cylinder Grinder (Jones and Shipman)                                   
  • HLV-H High Speed Lathe(Hardinge) + HD Centre Lathe ( Lang)                                         
  • Colchester Triumph, Student and Chipmaster                                      
  • Two Mills (Cincinnati and Bridgeport)                                    
  • Cylinder/Surface/Pedestal Grinders (Myford/Elliot/Wolf                                   
  • Pedestral Drill(Elliot)                                  
  • Erodomatic Spark Eroder (Wickman)                                      
  • Band Saw (Startrite)                                   
  • Micro Drill ( Electro Mechano)                                 
  • Linisher (AJH)                                               
  • Heat Treatment Oven(Gallengamp)                                        
  • Drill Grinder( Kaindl)                                  
  • Bead Blaster( Vixen)                                   
  • Mechanical Hacksaw (Elliot)                                     
  • Many  other small tools from variety of suppliers


For booking work in the Workshop and for further information about the Workshop facilities, contact:


The technical request form for booking work can be downloaded here.