School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2015

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF553/0515 Edmonds Magma surge from the mantle? The Father’s Day Intrusion, Kilauea Volcano, Hawaii
IMF558/0515 Menegon Investigating the relationship between lower crust shear localization and water content
IMF559/0515 Edmonds Are Stromboli melts supersaturated with respect to carbon dioxide?
IMF560/0515 Blundy

Calculating the initial H2O and CO2 contents of basaltic arc magmas using stable isotope fractionation

IMF561/0515 Barclay

Feeding explosive eruptions: the origin of zoning in Ascension’s pryroclastic deposits

IMF562/0515 Calder Volatile degassing and magma recharge; constraints provided by the Navidad eruption, Lonquimay volcano, Chile
IMF565/0515 Harvey Boron isotope fractionation during the subduction of serpentinite: a mineral perspective
IMF567/1015 Harvey Numerical constraints on Cambrian ocean temperatures
IMF570/1015 Blundy Experimental investigation of primitive arc magmatism in Kamchatka
IMF571/1015 De Hoog Boron isotope systematics of serpentinite dehydration
IMF573/1015 Kirstein Tracing recycled volatiles in a heterogeneous mantle with boron isotopes
IMF575/1015 Wood Compositional controls on sulphur speciation in magmas
IMF576/1015 Lissenberg Reaction between MORB and lower oceanic crust: experimental constraints
IMF578/1015 Mariana Interseismic sealing on the Alpine Fault, New Zealand: Implications for earthquake processes
IMF579/1015 Maclennan Does the volatile content of the recycled material in the Icelandic mantle plume reflect interaction with Earth’s surface?
IMF581/1015 Edmonds Dynamics of sulfur partitioning between sulfide, silicate melt and gas during Icelandic volcanic eruptions