School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2014

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF515/0514 Shorttle Resolving the origin of volatiles in the Icelandic mantle using boron isotopes
IMF517/0514 Williams Refertilization of subducting lithosphere by serpentinite/sediment interaction
IMF518/0514 Wheeley Late Ordovician (Hirnantian) ion microprobe δ18O records from conodont apatite: comparison with bulk methods and between species
IMF519/0514 Smith Assessing the use of apatite as a new magmatic volatile probe: applications for understanding the eruptive behaviour of Campi Flegrei
IMF521/0514 Humphreys Volatile exchange between amphibole and apatite: A means to investigate the magmatic plumbing system
IMF523/0514 Maclennan Volatiles and traces in Miđfell melt inclusions: Seeking the signal of ancient mantle under Iceland
IMF524/0514 Dunkley-Jones Cenozoic evolution of Braarudosphaera and ocean seawater chemistry
IMF525/0514 Menegon Water in nominally anhydrous minerals (NAMs): Implications for the strength and rheology of the continental lower crust
IMF526/0514 Hartley Super-high CO2 in Icelandic basalts
IMF527/0514 Blundy Volatile evolution of St Kitts magmas
IMF528/0514 Storey The ups and downs of subduction fluids
IMF530/0514 Brooker Apatite volatile content as a monitor of kimberlite eruptive processes
MF531/0514 Turchyn Bacterial sulfate reduction in a natural CO2 reservoir assessed from sulfur isotopes in pyrite veins
IMF532/0514 Cawood

Zircon and its isotopic systems during intracrustal differentiation

IMF533/0514 Gibson Quantifying water contents in the lithospheric mantle above a long-lived subduction zone (Pali Aike, South Patagonia)
IMF534/0514 Blundy The influence of volatiles on the interaction of mafic and felsic magmas
IMF535/1114 Edmonds Mantle control on volcanic outgassing: the 1730-1736 Timanfaya eruption, Lanzarote
IMF536/1114 Downes Oxygen isotope variation in cores and rims in single olivine crystals that have experienced reduction
IMF537/1114 Davidson Volatile contents in amphibole: Tracing the role of fluids in the plumbing systems of the Lesser Antilles Arc
IMF542/1114 Allison Seawater DIC chemistry and coral growth rates in the late Pleistocene
IMF543/1114 Richardson Assessing the timing of growth increment formation in the statoliths of the common whelk: Buccinum undatum
IMF544/1114 Raub Constraining the Rise of Crustal Oxygenation
IMF545/1114 Cawood Zircon and its isotopic systems during intracrustal differentiation
IMF546/1114 Maclennan Timescales of crystal storage, melt mixing and degassing in the Barđarbunga volcanic system
IMF547/1114 Bromiley Hydrogen diffusion in spinel: probing the water content of Earth’s mantle transition zone
IMF548/1114 Hartley Nornahraun 2014: Melt inclusion constraints on the magmatic plumbing system of the current eruption in Iceland
IMF549/1114 Smith Volatile variations in the Laacher See Tephra: Testing experimentally-determined apatite–melt exchange coefficients for OH, F, and Cl
IMF550/1114 Donovan Volatile solubility at Nabro volcano, Eritrea