School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2013

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF478/0513 N. Harris The Hf-O isotope compositions of zircons from crustally-derived melts and their significance for S-type granites and crustal growth models
IMF479/0513 M. Humphreys​ Understanding electron beam-induced volatile migration in the apatite crystal lattice
IMF481/0513 M. Edmonds Resolution of the Sulphur Budget of the Siberian Traps Large Igneous Province
IMF482/0513 S. Gibson The origin of ferropicrite from deep melting of recycled material in the convecting mantle: A melt inclusion study
IMF483/0513 M. Edmonds The role of magma mixing in triggering high fountaining in basaltic eruptions
IMF484/0513 J. Maclennan Tracking pre-eruptive degassing at Laki, SE Iceland, through trace element diffusion in plagioclase
IMF487/0513 N. Allison Accurate climate reconstruction from fossil corals: The impact of seawater carbonate chemistry on the Sr/Ca, δ18O and δ11B of coral aragonite
IMF490/0513 J. Blundy Changing magma storage conditions during the 27.5 to 15.6 ka Pollara eruptions of Salina (Italy)
IMF495/1013 O. Shorttle Understanding the role of degassing in setting the redox state of mid-ocean ridge basalts
IMF497/1013 I. Sansom Oxygen isotopes in vertebrates: correlating between calcium phosphate and calcium carbonate
IMF500/1013 J. Blundy Constraining volcanic hazard on Dominica
IMF501/1013 L. Pichevin Impact of Iron Biological Availability On The Deglacial Release of CO2 From The Southern Ocean
IMF502/1013 N. Allison Reconstructing the aragonite saturation state in coral calcification fluid
IMF503/1013 M. Bickle C & O isotopes and trace element compositions of zoned dolomite cements in reservoir rocks from the naturally leaking Green River CO2 accumulation
IMF504/1013 M. Hartley The influence of hydrothermally altered crust on boron and oxygen isotope systematics in melt inclusions from the Askja volcanic system, North Iceland
IMF505/1013 M. Hartley Probing volatile heterogeneity in the mantle: The origin of ankaramitic primary melts in Iceland
IMF506/1013 P. Wynn Towards validating the sulphur isotopic composition of seawater during the Neoproterozoic
IMF507/1013 M. Humphreys Apatite as a tool for tracking magmatic volatile abundances: Experimental determination of H2O and CO2 partitioning between apatite and silicate melts
IMF508/1013 J. Macleennan Driving large explosive basaltic eruptions in Iceland: Records of magmatic evolution and degassing from the widespread 10ka Saksunarvatn tephra
IMF509/1013 J. Maclennan Estimating the CO2 content of the Icelandic mantle plume from Kistufell olivine-hosted melt inclusions
IMF510/1013 T. Elliot Distinguishing between sediment melting and crustal assimilation in the Lesser Antilles using Mo
IMF512/1013 S. Kohn Coupled carbon isotopes in diamonds and oxygen isotopes of their inclusions
IMF513/1013 G. Bromiley Hydrogen mobility in olivine under mantle conditions