School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2012

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Project Ref

Author Topic
IMF458/0512 P. Cawood Generation and Preservation of Continental Crust in the Grenville Orogeny: Constrained by U-Pb, Hf and O isotopes of zircon
IMF459/0512 M. Hodson Constructing a new terrestrial palaeo-environment thermometer - earthworm secreted calcite granules
IMF460/0512 S. Gibson Compositional heterogeneity of the Earth’s mantle: constraints from olivine-hosted melt inclusions from a continental flood basalt setting
IMF461/0512 J. Maclennan Skuggafjöll: A window into deep crystallisation, degassing and mixing in the Eastern Volcanic Zone of Iceland
IMF465/0512 J. Blundy Melting of natural MORB at subdcution zone conditions
IMF467/0512 J. Blundy Magma Storage Conditions and Magmatic Volatile Budget of Nabro Volcano, Eritrea
IMF468/0512 M. Thirlwall Origin of bimodal chemical signatures in primitive Lesser Antilles arc olivines investigated using oxygen isotopes
IMF469/0512 M. Thirlwall Oxygen isotope discrimination between crustal and mantle sources of primitive low-Zr/Y and high-Zr/Y Icelandic olivines
IMF470/1012 I. Sansom Oxygen isotopes in shark teeth: testing for intra-tooth variability and the impact of processing methods
IMF471/1012 P. Wynn Carbonate–associated sulphates (CAS) as atmospheric and marine archives in the Neoproterozoic
IMF743/1012 T. Dunkley-Jones Trace metal constraints on coccolithophore calcification mechanisms
IMF474/1012 P. Bown Ground-truthing Cretaceous nannofossil productivity proxies using single-specimen Sr/Ca data
IMF475/1012 S. Tudhope Snapshots of climate variability at 10-33 kyr in the Southern tropical Pacific