School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2011

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF414/1010 P. Smith and J. Wheeley Constraining conodont δ18O for marine palaeothermometry
IMF420/1010 T. D. Jones Surface ocean productivity through the Eocene/Oligocene transition using the Sr/Ca composition of coccolith calcite
IMF421/1010 M. Fowler Accessory minerals and the evolution of plate tectonics: opening the archive
IMF 427/0511 R. Gertisser Understanding the driving forces behind recent changes in the eruptive behaviour of Merapi volcano (Indonesia): insights from volatile and light lithophile trace elements in melt inclusions
IMF 428/0511 S. Tudhope Climate variability in the Southern tropical Pacific
IMF 429/0511 M. Edmonds Using wet pyroxenes to reconstruct magma degassing history
IMF 433/0511 M. Humphreys Understanding basaltic crystal mush differentiation
IMF 435/0511 G. Bromiley Diffusion of Volatiles in the Earth's Mantle - Is it all about Grain Boundaries
IMF 436/0511 J. Blundy Carbon recycling in subduction zones
IMF 437/0511 M. Branney Timing and sources of voluminous low-δ18O rhyolite magmas in the Snake River (Columbia River-Yellowstone LIP), USA: a combined oxygen isotope and U/Pb dating study on zircon
IMF 438/0511 M. Walter

Inclusions in diamonds from Juina5 kimberlite and the role of subducted oceanic crust

IMF 441/1011 J. Lissenberg

The evolution of mid-ocean ridge magma chambers and the growth of slow-spreading oceanic crust

IMF 443/1011 I. Fairchild Organogenic dolomite and Neoproterozoic chemostratigraphy
IMF 445/1011 J. Blundy Investigating magma storage conditions at Uturuncu volcano, Bolivia
IMF 446/1011 K. Cashman The Fidelity of Melt Inclusions as Records of Magmatic Volatiles
IMF 448/1011 R. Wood Quantifying the dynamics of calcite cement growth with oil emplacement and the evolution of pore chemistry
IMF 450/1011 L. Kirstein Cenozoic arc magmatism along the active Andean margin – a role for denudation?
IMF 452/1011 M. Humphreys Changes in oxidation state resulting from degassing of hydrous rhyolite
IMF 453/1011 C. Oppenheimer Conduit dynamics and magma feeding of a persistent lava lake
IMF 454/1011 J. Maclennan Laki revisited: New quantitative constraints on deep degassing prior to large basaltic fissure eruptions
IMF 455/1011 E. Llewellin Quantifying the dynamics of bubble growth in magma using SIMS profiling of water content in glass