School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2010

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF 397/0510 L. Pichevin Trace-metals in sedimentary diatom frustules as tracers for past micronutrient availability in the surface Ocean
IMF 398/0510 J. Blundy Monazite saturation in silicate melts at high pressure with implications for subduction zone volcanism
IMF 399/0510 A. Finch The impact of biological processes on the δ11B of coral skeletons and their significance for palaeo-pH records
IMF 400/0510 P. Wynn Interrogating trees as archives of environmental sulphur variability
IMF 406/0510 J. Blundy How deep is the Nisyros magma chamber?
IMF 408/0510 C. Trueman Disentangling environmental and physiological influences on otolith growth: unlocking the potential use of otoliths as natural tags
IMF 409/0510 A. Berry Zircon as a probe of the oxygen fugacity of magmas
IMF410/1010 H. Tuffen Explosive eruptions beneath Icelandic glaciers: the role of magmatic volatiles
IMF411/1010 J. Davidson The role of volatiles in crystal transfer during magma mingling
IMF415/1010 C. Todd Using δ18O to assess the migratory route of Scottish two sea-winter Atlantic salmon
IMF422/1010 M. Walter Water in kimberlites as deduced from olivine, Igwisi Hills, Tanzania
IMF423/1010 C. Storey The onset of modern plate tectonics from the perspective of rutile
IMF424/1010 A. Finch The impact of transcellular Ca transport on the δ44Ca of coral skeletons
IMF425/1010 L. Kirstein Cenozoic arc magmatism along the active Andean margin – a role for denudation?
IMF417/1010 J. Blundy Gas driven eruptions at Ruapehu: the underlying magma conditions
IMF412/1010 J. Blundy Magma storage and differentiation beneath Grenada (Lesser Antillers)
IMF414/1010 P. Smith and J. Wheeley Constraining conodont δ18O for marine palaeothermometry (Delayed)
IMF420/1010 T. Dunkley Jones Surface ocean productivity through the Eocene/Oligocene transition using the Sr/Ca composition of coccolith calcite (Delayed)
IMF421/1010 M. Fowler Accessory minerals and the evolution of plate tectonics: opening the archive (Delayed)
IMF426/1010 M. Lee Weathering of carbonaceous chondrite meteorites – asteroidal or terrestrial? (Delayed)