School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2009

List of projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF 361/1008 C. Storey Petrogenesis of Kimberlite: mantle sources and shallow level contamination
IMF 362/1008 D. Pyle Origins of large volume ignimbrites from the Taupo Volcanic Zone, New Zealand
IMF 363/1008 J. Blundy

Hydrogen in nominally anhydrous minerals crystallised from primitive arc magams

IMF 366/1008 M. Edmonds Volatiles in mafic inclusions from Montserrat
IMF 367/1008 T. Thordarson VAST - Volcanism in the Arc SysTem: Magnetitude, Geochronology, and Climate Impacts
IMF 370/0509 M. Gillespie Granite genesis and crustal evolution across a suture line
IMF 372/0509 S. Sparks Welding and metamorphic processes in the emplacement of kimberlites
IMF 376/0509 M. Edmonds Volatiles in ocean settings:a melt inclusion study of Kilauea and Mauna volcanoes, Hawaii
IMF 377/0509 D. Pyle Volatile content and origins of primitive arc magmas from southern Chile
IMF 379/0509 A. Finch The role of DIC in buffering coral skeletal d11B: a high resolution d13C record in Porites coral
IMF 383/1109 C. D. Todd δ18O & δ13C profiles of Atlantic salmon otoliths
IMF 386/1109 T. Thordarson Geochemical variation in the melt source region beneath the Askja volcanic system, North Iceland
MF 387/1109 J. Blundy The Influence of CO2 on Phase Relations and Crystallisation Kinetics: A Case Study at Mount St. Helens
IMF 388/1109 J. Blundy Understanding the Mechanisms of Gas Loss at Persistently Degassing Basaltic Volcanoes
IMF 390/1109 A. Finch Accurate reconstruction of SSTs from coral skeletal Sr/Ca:understanding Sr and Ca transport processes across coral tissues
IMF 393/1109 I. Parkinson Utilising lithium isotopes to understand the evolution and origin of chondrules
IMF 394/1109 A. Sadekov Towards developing a proxy for ocean seasonality: Step 1. Characterisation of natural variability in geochemical signals of planktonic foraminiferal populations