School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2008

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
IMF 330/0508 P. Clift Evidence for an independent Saraswati River in Pakistan, prior to 4000 years ago
IMF 333/0508 P. Smith and J. Wheeley Conodonts as palaeotemperature indicators in Palaeozoic oceans? A proof-of-concept study
IMF 336/0508 G. Henderson Seasonal Reconstruction of the Asian Monsoon During the 8.2kyr Cold Event
IMF 339/0508 K. Joy U-Pb dating of lunar apatite
IMF 340/0508 L. Clarke Calcium-isotope fractionation in laboratory aquaria-cultured marine mollusc shell calcite: a novel palaeotemperature proxy?
IMF 341/0508 H. Tuffen Conduit degassing during the 181 AD Taupo eruption
IMF 342/0508 J. Blundy Trace element thermobarometry of coexisting garnet and cpx
IMF 343/0508 P. Brown and J. Young An investigation of surface-water ocean acidification and activity of the biological pump during the Paleocene/Eocene thermal maximum using coccolith calcite
IMF 344/0508 M. Cusack and P. Dalbeck Assessing the influence of biological control and low level diagenetic alteration on coral seawater temperature proxies
IMF 345/0508 C. Hawesworth and C. Storey Archaean to Early Proterozoic crust generation in north-west Scotland
IMF 346/0508 C. Hawesworth Unravelling crustal growth through U-Pb, Lu-Hf and O isotope analyses of detrital zircons
IMF 347/0508 D. Teagle Cooling rates of sheeted dikes from an in situ section of upper ocean crust: ODP Hole 1256D
IMF 348/0508 D. Kroon and K. Darling Analysis of the Sr/Ca palaeoproductivity signal and changes in overgrowth in selected nannofossil species covering the Early Eocene Hyperthermal Event (ETM2) at ODP site 690B
IMF 350/0508 W. Austin The interplay of seawater pH and calcification rate on test geochemistry in benthic foraminifera
IMF 351/0508 I. Fairchild Annual sulphate cycles in an Alpine speleothem: winter temperature proxy
IMF 354/1008 R. Parrish Coupling in-situ oxygen isotopes with U-Pb and hafnium to unravel the Proterozoic crustal evolution of the Baltic Shield
IMF 355/1008 J. Barclay Pre-eruptive storage and volatile degassing of Ambrym volcano
IMF 358/1008 M. Edmunds Volatiles in parental magma at Kilauea Volcano during the 2008 summit eruption
IMF 360/1008 J. Blundy Melting phase equilibria of sediments in subduction zones
IMF 364/1008 C. Hawkesworth The age, origins and evolution of the Antarctic continent: The Grunehogna Craton
IMF 365/1008 J. Maclennan Oxygen isotope variation in Icelandic basalts: disentangling mantle and crustal signatures