School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2005

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  J. Blundy and K. Cashman Trace element and H2O contents of melt inclusions from the current eruption of Mount St. Helens: comparison with the 1980-86 eruptions
  T. Elliott The cause and consequence of extreme Li isotope variations in mantle peridotites
  I. Fairchild Climate calibration of an annually-laminated Scottish speleotherm
  C. Hawesworth and J. Small Pre-eruptive volatile evolution for explosive volcanism at Somma-Vesuvius, Southern Italy
  R. Hedges Investigation of boron isotopic composition in archaeological bone
  K. Klimm What minerals control the Nb-Ta budget of subducted slabs?
  S. Russell The abundance of short-lived isotopes in chondritic objects
  J. Maclennan The generation and destruction of compositional variability in melts under Iceland: Constraints on mantle source, melting and mixing from a Pb isotope study of olivine-hosted melt inclusions
  F. Stuart Li isotope composition of the deep mantle: primitive mantle or recycled oceanic crust
  B. Wood Trace element partitioning between crystals and hydrous melts under conditions of the 410km seismic discontinuity
  D. Breeling Stable isotope composition of early land plant microfossils and atmospheric CO2 change during the Ordovician glaciation
  R. James Li Isotope in subduction zone lavas
  D.G. Pearson Understanding the processes that control diamond formation and their growth histories
  G. Hendeson Annually resolved d18O cycles in a Chinese stalagmite
  A.I.S Kemp and C.J. Hawkesworth Testing episodic growth models for the Gondwana Supercontinent
  T. Elliott Investigating the role of recycled crust generating radiogenic Pb isotope signatures in the mantle.