School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2004

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  N. Allison The distribution of Sr/Ca in fossil corals:does diagenesis affect estimates of past SST?
  J. Blundy and A. Kemp The magmatic H2O content of S-type granites and volcanics from the Lachlan Fold Belt, Australia
  J. Blundy and K. Berlo The origin of complex zoning in plagioclase phenocrysts of the 1980-1986 eruption of Mt St Helens, Washington, USA
  L.A. Coogan Determining trace element partition coefficient for zircon with special attention to redox sensitivity
  L.A. Coogan Tracing rapid geological processes using Li as a geospeedometer: (i) determining the cooling rate of the sheeted dyke complex at the mid-ocean ridge
  L.A. Coogan Determining the diffusion coefficient for Ca in olivine
  T. Elliot and A. Jeffcoate Li isotopic variations in phenocrystic olivine, implications for mantle Li isotopic composition
  I.J. Fairchild High-resolution stable isotope characterisation of speleothem calcite and its contained molecular water
  B. Harte and T. Ivanic The diamond-garnet-harzburgite assemblage and its role in the evolution of the Mantle Lithosphere
  R. Hedges Investigation of boron isotopic composition in archaeological bone
  R.A. Perez The evolution of mantle-derived hydrous calc-alkaline magmas by fractional crystallization at 0.8 to 1.5 GPa
  S. Russell The abundance of short-lived isotopes in chondritic objects
  B. Yardley Oxygen isotopic variation and cathodoluminescent zonation in hydrothermal quarz as atracer of fluid evolution, Mt Leyshon Au deposit, Queensland, Australia