School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2002

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
IMP184/0502 I. Fairchild Depositional geochemical signals from exceptionally preserved glacilacustrine carbonates
IMP185/0502 J. D. Blundy An experimental investigation of mineral-fluid partitioning during subduction
IMP186/0502 J. D. Blundy Trace element partitioning in natural pyroxenite at high pressure
IMP187/0502 N. Allison Reconstruction of sea surface temperature records using coral skeletons: resolving intra- and inter-colony variations
IMP188/05021 W. Austin Foraminifera tests as palaeoenvironmental indicators: do forams record annual bottom water temperature ranges?
IMP189/0502 R. Freer Grain boundary processes in ferro-magnesian silicate rocks and minerals
IMP190/1102 R.S. Haszeldine Palaeo-hydrogeology in sedimentary basins: Moray Firth margin
IMP192/1102 J.D. Blundy and M. Humphreys Volatile content and trace element analysis of melt inclusions from Shiveluch Volcano, Kamchatka
IMP193/1102 N.M. Kelly Dating metamorphism: accesory mineral reactions in high-grade metapelites
IMP194/1102 K. Shmulovich Experimental simulation of sandstone diagenesis: quartz growth and quartz-filled partitioning at temperatures of <200oC
IMP196/1102 B. Harte Investigation of siliceous inclusions in chromite crystals from the LG6 and MG4 horizons of the Bushveldt Critical Zone at Rustenburgh
IMP197/1002 D. Zedgenizov Ion probe studies of Siberian diamonds
IMP198/1102 S. Turner Crystal residence times at Okmok Caldera, Aleutian Islands
IMP199/1102 I.J. Fairchild Patterns of Late Holocene aridity from southern Europe speleothems