School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2000

List of projects:


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  J.Bridges & M. M. Grady Evaporite minerals and their trace element abundances in the Nakhlite (Martian) meteorites
  L.A. Coogan, C.J. MacLeod, R. Wilson, & K.M. Gillis Amphibole trace element chemistry as an insight into the near-solidus processes (magma-hydrothermal transition) beneath slow spreading ridges
  C. Dalpe & J.D. Blundy Determination of trace elements homogeneity in natural and synthetic materials
  J.B. Dawson Partial-Melt Glass-Pockets In Tanzanian Upper-Mantle Peridotites: Phase Trace-Element Data
  J.B. Dawson Trace Element Chemistry Of Upper Mantle Zircon And Ilmenite
  D. Dobson Self-Diffusion In Liquid Iron Alloys
  S.C Elphick, N.W.A. Odling & T. Hackwell Dependence Of Self -Diffusion Processes In SrTiO3 Perovskite And Quartz.
  A. Finch & P. Shaw Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction Of Arid Environments SIMS Analysis Of Speleothem Aragonite
  M. A. M. Gee, E.G. Nisbet & M.J. Cheadle Archean Mantle: Hot And Dry Or Cool And Wet? Evidence From Olivine-Hosted Melt Inclusions In Fresh Komatiites
  R.E. Guest, A.M. McCaig & C.M. Graham Retrogressive Dolomitisation And Fluid Flow In The SW Highlands, Scotland
  C. Harford & S. Sparks Remobilisation of Montserrat conduit material revealed by hydrogen isotope composition of amphiboles
  S. L. Harley & I. S. Buick Cordierite As A Monitor Of Volatile Activities During Post-Peak Fluid Infiltration In Granulites
  R.W.Hinton Element Fractionation In Ion Microprobe Analyses: Effects Of Poor Positioning Of The Primary Ion Beam Relative To The 25um Field Aperture
  R.W. Hinton and J.B.Dawson Trace element partitioning between calcite, dolomite and apatite in Phalaborwa Carbonatite
  I. Léost, T. Stachel & J. Harris Inclusions In Diamonds From Namibia
  C. Macaulay, C. Graham, & S. Haszeldine 30Si/28Si in Quartz Cements in Sandstones as a Tracer of Silica Sources
  C. Macaulay, C. Graham, C. Walker, K. Shmulovich & S. Haszeldine Experimental Diagenesis: Quartz Synthesis and Trace Element Distribution at Elevated Temperatures
  S. Marshall, R. Macdonald & R.W. Hinton Trace Element Partitioning Between Phenocrysts And Peralkaline Rhyolite Melts
  P. Mc Dade Partial Melting In The Nanga Parbat Metasediments, Western Himalayas, Pakistan
  P. Mc Dade Determination Of Nickel Concentration In Garnet By Sims: Application Of Ni In Garnet Thermometry To The Jagersfontein Mantle Peridotites
  L. Morfi, B. Harte, & J.J. Gurney Trace Element Analyses Of Polymict Peridotite Nodules.
  A. Newton & A. Dugmore Trace And Rare Earth Element Characterisation And Correlation Of Silicic Katla Tephra Layers And North Atlantic Pumice.
  W. Peck, J. Valley & C.M. Graham Ion Microprobe Analysis Of Oxygen Isotope Ratio In Zircon: Constraints On Oxygen Diffusion Rates

L.Thomas, S. Blake, P. van Calsteren, C. Hawkesworth & S. Jones

Crystal Residence Times and Magmatic Evolution of the 3,000 km3 Youngest Toba Tuff
  R. M. Thomas, C. J. Macleod & L. A. Coogan Melt Migration Beneath Fast-Spreading Ridges: Constraints From The Oman Ophiolite
  P.Thompson & S.L. Harley The Effects Of CO2 And NaCl-KCl In Lowering Water Activities In Cordierite And Granitic Melt
  H. Townley, G. Jenkin & R. Parrish The Effect Of Chemical Exchange On Closure Temperature In Isotopic Systems
  B. Upton & R.W.Hinton Investigations Of Lower Crust - Upper Mantle Relationships Beneath Scotland