School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 1999

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  S. Aulbach, T. Stachel and J. Harris Inclusions In Diamonds From Venetia
  F. Azough and R. Freer An Ion Microprobe Study of Iron Diffusion in single Crystal Diopside
  C. Bond Fluid Infiltration Of Marble Associated With Brittle And Ductile Deformation
  L.A Coogan, C.J MacLeod, and shipboard igneous petrologists of JR31 Mechanisms Of Melt Migration In The Oceanic Crust I: Are Oxide Gabbro Veins Fossil Melt Transport Conduits?
  A.Finch and P. Shaw Trace Element Models for High Resolution Palaeoenvironmental Reconstruction in Semi-arid Environments
  L. Hall H2O Loss From Basaltic Melts In Au/Pd Capsules
  S.L. Harley The Physical And Chemical Complexity Of Zircon In Metamorphism
  S.L. Harley and I.S. Buick Cordierite As A Monitor Of Volatile Activities During Anatexis And Post-Peak Fluid Infiltration In Granulites
  S.L.Harley and P. Thompson The Distribution Of H2O-CO2 Between Cordierite And Granitic Melt
  B. Harte Lower Mantle Trace Element Abundances From Inclusions In Diamonds
  E.Hill, B.J. Wood, J.D. Blundy Crystal-Chemical Controls on Trace Element Partitioning In Clinopyroxenes.
  R.Hinton Ion Microprobe Vs Bulk Measurements Of The SRM 600 Series Of Glasses: Lower Concentrations Than Intended But Are The Glasses Homogeneous?
  Y. Huang and I. J. Fairchild Partitioning Of Sr+2 And Mg+2 Into Calcite In Conditions Analogous To Natural Karst Caves
  M. Kilburn Relative Ion Yields for trace elements in a Fe metal matrix
  K Law, J Blundy, B Wood and V.Ragnarsdottir Partitioning Of Trace Elements Between Calcite And Melt At High Temperatures And Pressures.
  S. Lewis 18O Of Metamorphic Fluids On Naxos, Greece
  P. Mc Dade and B Harte The Effect Of Mantle Alteration On The Trace Element Composition Of The Roberts Victor Eclogites
  M.Moazzen, G.T.R.Droop and B. Harte Analysis Of Water Content Of Cordierites From The Etive Thermal Aureole, Scotland
  S.G. Moreton, J.L. Smellie, and C.J. Pudsey Trace Element Chemistry Of Quaternary Tephra From Southern Ocean Sediment Cores
  A. Newton and A. Dugmore Trace And Rare Earth Element Characterisation And Correlation Of North Atlantic Silicic Katla Tephra Layers And North Atlantic Pumice
  Th. Ntaflos E.A. Bjerg , R.W. Hinton R., G. Kurat, B.G.J. Upton Metasomatic Processes Beneath Subcontinental Mantle In South Patagonia, Argentina
  N. Odling and S. Elphick Si Self Diffusion in Quartz
  J. Rosenbaum and M. Wilson Trace Element Partitioning Between Coexisting Carbonate And Silicate Magmas In The Mantle
  T. Stachel and J. Harris Inclusions In Diamonds From The Kankan District, Guinea
  C. Thomas and C M Graham SIMS Analysis Of 18O And Trace Elements In Metamorphosed Limestones From The Scottish Dalradian: Preservation Of Pre-Metamorphic Concentrations And Quartz-Calcite Isotopic Equilibration
  J. Tomás and A. J. Geffen Application Of An Ion Microprobe For The Study Of Oxygen Isotopes In Fish Otoliths
  J. Toothill and R. Macdonald Ion Microprobe Analysis Of Melt Inclusions From The Lesser Antilles
  A. Voase, S.L. Harley, and B.Harte Further Analysis Of Volatile Contents Within Cordierite As A Monitor Of Fluid Composition During Anatexis, In The Migmatite Terrain Of Turku, SW Finland
  W.van Westrenen, J. D. Blundy and B.J. Wood Effect Of Fe2+ On Garnet-Melt Partitioning, Plus Development Of New Garnet Standard Materials
  B.J. Wood, J. D. Blundy and J.A C. Robinson The Role Of Clinopyroxene In Generating U-Series Disequilibrium During Mantle Melting
  G.F. Zellmer, C.J. Hawkesworth and S.P. Turner Magmatic Fluids As A Source Of Ra-Th Disequilibria?