School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 1998

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  R. Armstrong, S. Roberts and N.C. White The Melt Inclusion Chemistry of Porphyry Copper Systems
  F. Azough & R. Freer An Ion Microprobe Study Of Calcium , Magnesium And Iron Diffusion In Single Crystal Diopside
  J.D. Blundy, J.A.C. Robinson and B.J. Wood Trace Element Partitioning Between Clinopyroxene And Silicate Melt On The Spinel Lherzolite Solidus
  J. Bridges and M. Grady Siderite In The Nakhla (Martian) Meteorite
  L. A. Coogan, P.D. Kempton and A. D. Saunders The Role Of Intercumulus Processes In Mid-Ocean Ridge Magma Chambers
  F.Costa, B. Singer & M. Dungan Differentiation Processes In Subvolcanic Magma Reservoirs: Insights From SIMS Studies Of Plagioclase, Hornblende And Glass.
  F.M. Dungan F. Costa and O. Bachman Combined NDIC-EPMA-SIMS Studies Of Igneous Plagioclase In Calc-Alkaline Magmas.
  J.M. Eiler and J.W Valley Stable Isotope and Trace Element Analysis of Carbonate Concretions in the Martian Meteorite ALH84001
  A. Finch Trace Elements And Cathodoluminescence In Feldspars: SIMS Analysis Of Gardar Alkali Feldspars
  C.M. Graham , J.W Valley and J.M. Eiler Timescales And Mechanisms Of Fluid Flow In A Marble
  J. Gurney, B. Harte and A. Menzies Formation and Evolution of Diamond-bearing Peridotites rom the Newlands Kimberlite, South Africa
  L. Hall & J. Brodie Partial Melting Of Hydrous Peridotite At 1.5gpa 25
  S.L.Harley and D.P.Carrington Cordierite-Melt H2O And CO2 Partitioning
  E. Hill, J. Blundy and B. Wood Trace Element Partitioning Between The Clinopyroxene M-1 Site And Silicate
  R. W. Hinton The NIST SRM 610/611 And 612/613 Multi-Element Glasses
  Y. Huang and I. J. Fairchild Chemistry Of Speleothems And Need Of Experimental Growth
  N.F.C. Hudson, E.S. Burdon & D. Millward Ion Microprobe Investigation Of Oxygen Isotopes In Greisen Quartz From The Skiddaw Granite
  G. Jenkin Ion Microprobe Investigation Of Closure Mechanism In The Rb-Sr System
  M. Kilburn and B. Wood The Partitioning Of Trace Elements Between Liquid Metal And Liquid Silicate During Formation Of The Earth's Core
  P.D. Kinny, R.L. Trautman, B.J. Griffin, I.C.W. Fitzsimons, and B. Harte Carbon Isotopic Analyses Of Microdiamonds
  K. Law, J. Blundy, B. Wood and V. Ragnarsdottir Partitioning Of Trace Elements Between Calcite And Silicate-Carbonate Melt In The System Cao-SiO2-CO2 At High Temperatures And Pressures
  S. Lewis, C. Graham and M. Holness Mechanisms Of Metamorphic Fluid Flow In Marble
  C.I. Macaulay, R.S. Haszeldine, C. Graham & A.E. Fallick Oxygen Isotopes In Diagenetic Quartz From North Sea Hydrocarbon Fi
  L. Morfi, B. Harte and B.A. Wyatt Trace element analysis of a polymict peridotite nodule
  P. Smart and M. Roberts Calibration Of High Resolution Speleothem Trace Element Records Against Historical Meteorological Data
  D. Stirling and A. Finch Trace Elements & Cathodoluminescence In Feldspars SIMS Analysis Of Zoned Luminescent Feldspars
  J. Toothill and R. Macdonald Ion Microprobe Analysis Of Melt Inclusions From The Lesser Antilles
  A. Voase, S. Harley and B. Harte Analysis Of Volatiles Within Cordierite As A Monitor Of Fluid Composition During The Anatexis, In The Migmatite Terrain Of Turku, SW Finland
  W. Westrenen, J. Blundy and B. Wood Crystal-Chemical Controls On Trace Element Partitioning Between Garnet And Anhydrous Silicate Melt
  H.F. Zhang, M. A. Menzies and D. P. Mattey Chemical And Isotopic Disequilibrium In Mineral Phases From Polymict Mantle Xenoliths, South Africa