School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 1997

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  R. Armstrong S. Roberts & N.C. White The Ore Forming Potential Of Copper Porphyry Systems Utilising Melt Inclusion Chemistry: A Preliminary Study Of A Cu-Rich Andesite From Hahajima
  F. Azough & R. Freer An Ion Microprobe Study Of Calcium And Magnesium Diffusion In Single Crystal Diopside
  S. Bergman & R. Hinton Apatite Anion And Cation Compositional Variation And Its Relationship With Track Etching And Other Properties
  J. Blundy & J. Dalton Trace element partitioning between clinopyroxene, silicate melt and carbonate melt in the system diopside-albite-dolomite
  D. Carrington & S. Harley Cordierite-Melt H2O And CO2 Partitioning
  I. Chinn B. Harte & J. J. Gurney A SIMS Study Of The Nitrogen Content Of George Creek Diamonds
  F.Costa, B. Singer & M. Dungan Boundary Layer Processes Of Magma Reservoirs: Insights From SIMS Studies Of Plagioclase
  F. Darbyshire & C. C. Martin High Resolution Dating Of Ore Deposits And Characterisation Of Mineralising Fluids
  M. Dungan, T. Druitt, B. Singer, & P. Crançon SIMS investigation of plagioclase phenocrysts in the Minoan Tuff (3500 b.p.): Clues to silicic magma chamber evolution
  M. Dungan, J.F Luhr & F. Costa SIMS determinations of plagioclase/melt partition coefficients in rachyandesite magma from El Chichón (850 °C, 4 kbar, H2O-Saturated)
  J. Eiler J. Valley & C. Graham Standardization of SIMS Analysis of O and C IsotopeRatios in Carbonates from ALH84001
  T. Fallick & B. Harte Sulphur Isotope Composition within Pyrite Nodule from a Sandstone Reservoir
  C. Graham, J Valley & J. Eiler Trace Element and Cathodoluminescence Study of Fluid Transport Pathways in a Marble
  T.H.Green, J.Adam, J.D.Blundy & G.M. Yaxley Determination Of Trace Element Partition Coefficients Between Garnet, Pyroxene And Hydrous Basaltic Liquids At 2-7.5 Gpa And 1080-1200'C
  S. Elphick & T. Hackwell

Diffusion in Strontium Titanate Perovskite and Quartz as exemplars for computer modelled diffusion calculations

  R. Hinton, I.Horn, S.E. Jackson & H.P. Longerich Comparison between Ion Microprobe and Laser ICP-MS: analysis of the 1 ppm and the 20 ppb NIST/ SRM glass standards
  M. Hodson, M. Lee & I Parsons SIMS depth profiles of experimentally-weathered alkali feldspars
  M. Hutchison, B. Harte & J.W. Harris Trace Elements In Diamond Inclusions: Constraints On The Chemistry Of The Lower Mantle / Upper Mantle Boundary
  M. Hutchison, B. Harte & J.W. Harris Comparison Of Nitrogen Concentration, Cathodoluminescence And Carbon Isotopic Composition Of Lower Mantle Diamonds: Constraints On Diamond Genesis
  Y. Huang, I Fairchild, F. McDermott & C. Hawkesworth Trace Element Variation In Soda Straw Stalactites
  G. Jenkin Ion Microprobe Investigation Of Closure Mechanism In The Rb-Sr System
  H. Liddiard An ion microprobe study to evaluate the chemistry of coral meso-structure: an aid to the evaluation of recent models of coral growth
  S. Lewis, M. Holness & C. Graham Mechanisms Of Metamorphic Fluid Flow In Marble
  S. Marshall & R. Macdonald The Peralkaline Rhyolites of Naivasha, Kenya Rift Valley
  A. Newton Preliminary trace element analysis of silicic volcanic glass by SIMS
  G. Pearson & F.R. Boyd Trace element characteristics of subcontinental mantle: constraints on flood basalt source regions from the study of mantle xenoliths
  M. Roberts P.L. Smart & A. Baker High Resolution Trace Element Records In Speleothem Calcite
  H. Rollinson & P. Gravestock Trace element variations within granulite facies clinopyroxenes from the Lewisian Complex
  B. Singer P.L. Smart & A. Baker Plagioclase zoning in products of the 1912 Novarupta eruption, Katmai National Park, Alaska
  J. Toothill & R. Macdonald Analysis of Montserrat and St. Vincent Melt Inclusions by Ion Probe, October 1996
  J. Valley, J. Eiler & C. Graham The Search for Past Life on Mars: Stable Isotope Evidence for Low Temperature Carbonate Concretions in the Martian Meteorite ALH84001
  B. Williams, M. Cheshire & M. Roe 15N and 14N Imaging in Decomposing Straw