School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 1996

List of projects:


Ref No Author Topic
  Ayres, M. and Harris N. Disequilibrium processes during crustal anatexis
  Aggarwal, J. K. Mobility of Rare Earth Elements in Icelandic Hydrothermal Systems
  Blundy, J. and Wood, B. The Effect of Carbonate Melt Composition on Trace Element Partitioning Between Diopside and Carbonate Melt
  Bouch, J. Mobility of REE and trace elements in diagenetic fluids.
  Burgess, S. and Harte, B. Trace Element Budget of Mantle Peridotite Xenoliths from Jagersfontein, South Africa.
  Chakraborty, S. Studies of cation diffusion in garnets.
  Eiler, J. Graham, C.M. and Valley, J. SIMS analysis of oxygen isotopes: Matrix effects in minerals and glasses.
  Eiler, J. Valley, J. and Graham, C.M. Oxygen isotope analysis of silicate melt inclusions in olivines in mantle derived peridotite xenoliths
  Fitzsimons, I.C.W., Harte, B. SIMS stable isotope analysis: precision, accuracy and counting statistics.
  Fitzsimons, I.C.W., Harte, B. and Chinn, I.L. Carbon isotopes and nitrogen in diamonds; two generations of growth within diamonds from George Creek, Colorado.
  Freeman, J. and Pearce, J. Mantle-Melt and Mantle-fluid interactions in suprasubduction zones: evidence from the Troodos Massif, Cyprus.
  Graham, C.M. Valley, J. and Eiler, J. Oxygen isotopic study of grain-boundary metamorphic fluid flow in a marble
  Gravestock, P. and Rollinson, H. An investigation of clinopyroxenes from Archaean pyroxenite-gabbro intrusions, Lewisian Complex NW Scotland
  Hackwell, T. and Elphick,S. Oxygen isotope exchange in Perovskite
  Harley S.L. and Carrington, D.P. Cordierite-melt H2O partitioning
  Harley, S.L., Post, N. and Carrington, D.P. Cordierite as a monitor of fluids and melts in high grade terrains
  Harte, B., Fitzsimons, I.C.L. and Kinny, P.D. Variation in Clinopyroxene/Garnet Trace Element Partition Coefficients as a function of temperature
  Hinton, R.W. and others. Constancy of the Y/Ho ratio - Ion microprobe determinations
  Hinton, R.W. REE chemistry of Fluorite: anomalous REE behaviour.
  Huang, Y. and Fairchild, I.J. Indicators of past climate from Banded Soda Straw chemistry
  Klein, M., Seck, H.A. and Stosch, H.-G. Experimental partititoning of trace elements within tonalites and basic granulites under conditions of the lower crust
  Odling, N. Experimental simulation of mantle metasomatism: Trace Element Mobility
  Pearson, D.G. Trace element characteristics of subcontinental mantle: constraints on flood basalt source regions from the study of xenoliths from southern Africa
  Poe, B.T. and Rubie, D., McMillan, P. and Diefenbacher, J. Oxygen self diffusion in aluminosilicate melts at pressures up to 15 GPa
  Rosenbaum, J. and Wilson, M. High-Phosphorous Glasses in a Spinel Lherzolite Xenolith, Massif Central, France
  Sassi, R., Harte, B. and Carswell, D.A. Trace element distributions in amphibolitic and eclogitic assemblages
  Stachel, T. and Harris, J.W. Trace element geochemistry of silicate inclusions in diamond from Ghana: melt versus fluid involvement.
  Valley, J. and Graham, C.M. Ion microprobe analysis of oxygen isotope ratios in quartz from Skye Granite: Healed microcracks and fluid flow
  Watt, G.R. A combined scanning cathodoluminescence and SIMS study of zoning in volcanic quartz