School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2018

List of Projects 2018.

Project Ref Author Topic
IMF632/0517 B. Wood Halogen Volatility during Earth’s accretion
IMF646/0517 C. Macleod First measurement of intracrystalline H in plagioclase from abyssal gabbros: the role of water in the rheology of the lower ocean crust
IMF653/0518 J. Blundy Tracing serpentinite dehydration along the Lesser Antilles arc: boron isotope signatures of melt inclusions and amphiboles
IMF656/0518 C. Hawkesworth Testing variable ore metal endowment of arc magmas through volatile contents of apatite inclusions in zircon
IMF658/0518 S. Gibson Halogen storage in the sub-cratonic lithospheric mantle.
IMF660/0518 M. Cassidy Towards monitoring temperature and water variations in shallow magma bodies using volcanic gases
IMF663/0518 B. O'Driscoll Tracing subduction-related volatile fluxes in the leading edge of the mantle wedge using halogen abundances
IMF664/0518 J. Cortes Volatile degassing styles and the triggering of an eruptive event in an open, persistently degassing volcanic system. Villarrica volcano, Chile.
IMF665/0518 G. Bromiley Effect of oxygen fugacity on water partitioning into the early Earth’s mantle
IMF669/1118 J. Blundy  Characterising mantle wedge chemistry and thermal structure beneath the Colima Graben, Mexico 
IMF675/1118 M. Edmonds  Volatile budget of the 2018 Lower Puna Eruption, Kilauea Volcano, Hawai’i 
IMF674/1118 S. Kohn Inclusions in Diamonds: A window into the volatile characteristics of the mantle