School of GeoSciences

NERC Approved Projects 2017

List of Projects:


Project Ref Author Topic
IMF619/0517 J. Blundy Tracing serpentine dehydration along the Lesser Antilles arc: volatile and trace element signatures of melt inclusions.
IMF620/0517 R. Gertisser Coupled C and O isotope geochemistry of calcite in calc-silicate crustal xenoliths from Merapi volcano, Indonesia.
IMF621/0517 C. Manning Timescales of plumbing system processes and interactions at the Torfajökull – Veiðivötn volcanic systems, Iceland.
IMF622/0517 S. Gibson Constraining the volatile budget of the Galápagos mantle.
IMF623/0517 M. Edmonds

Using the geochemistry of melt inclusions to interpret geophysical data from the Main Ethiopian Rift.

IMF624/0517 N. Allison Understanding the effects of ocean acidification and temperature on coral calcification: insights from the dissolved inorganic carbon chemistry of the coral calcification fluid.
IMF625/0517 K. Cashman No Titile Provided.
IMF628/0517 D. Pyle Making Popo pop: Constraining the pre-eruptive behaviour of magmatic volatiles through combined pyroxene-apatite analysis.
IMF629/1017 A. Hastie Forming the first stable continental crust.
IMF630/1017 J. Blundy Eruption timescales of Tolbachik volcano.
IMF632/1017 B. Wood Halogen Volatility during Earth's accretion.
IMF634/1017 G. Bromiley The role of fO2 on apatite-melt partitioning: developing tools to probe the oxidation state of the early Earth.
IMF637/1017 M. Humphreys Volatile recycling across the Kamchatka subduction zone.
IMF638/1017 M. Hartley Halogen heterogeneity in the Iceland mantle source.
IMF639/1017 B. Yardley What is the temperature of rare earth element (REE) mineralisation in carbonatites?
IMF640/1017 G. Bromiley Chlorine isotope fractionation during degassing of lunar magmas.
IMF641/1017 J. Lissenberg Towards accurate determinations of magma chamber depths: insights from both olivine- and plagioclase-hosted melt inclusions.
IMF642/1017 J. Blundy Assessing the volatile contents of zircon-hosted melt inclusions in highly altered porphyry systems.
IMF644/1017 CJ. de Hoog Boron isotope systematics of serpentinite dehydration.
IMF645/1017 I. Savov Tracking the evolution of slab fluids at the Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc with B isotopes.
IMF646/1017 C. MacLeod First measurements of intracrystalline H in Plagioclase from abyssal gabbros: the role of water in the rheology of the lower ocean crust.