School of GeoSciences

Multi-collector ICP-MS

The multi-collector ICP-MS facility (Nu Plasma II) has been established in November 2014.

Plasma II

This technique is used for the very precise determination of isotope ratios, as required for uranium and thorium series dating, and many other isotope systems with very small variations in abundance. In addition, the system is extremely efficient in transmitting ions, which may allow the quantification of isotopes that are present with only a few 10,000 atoms in a sample.

Initial analytical targets in the School of GeoSciences include the uranium-series elements thorium, protactinium and radium, as well as silicon isotope ratios. More isotope systems will be added to the analytical portfolio in the coming months and years.

The MC-ICP-MS can be coupled to a 193 nm laser ablation system (Cetac Teledyne Excite), to be installed in December 2014.

Please contact Dr Laetitia Pichevin to discuss the use of the facility.

The MC ICP-MS Technical Request form can be found here.