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1 atm Gas Mixing Furnaces

1 atm furnaces and muffle furnaces are used for sample preparation for analysis and high P&T experiments and for phase equilibria studies.

Atmospheric Lab

The laboratory is equipped with two Lenton furnaces (50mm ID worktubes) capable of 1400 and 1800°C, and a precision wound Pt element furnace (1200°C, 25mm ID worktube) equipped with an automatic drop-quench. Controlled oxygen fugacity is achieved by means of CO2/H2 gas mixtures calibrated versus a zirconia oxygen sensor. In addition a Nabertherm muffle furnace (1750°C) is available for sample preparation. The laboratory is also supported by gel-making facilities.

The furnaces operating costs can be provided by the Facility Manager. Access is via discussion with Dr Ian Butler.


Holwell, DA, McDonald, I & Butler, IB 2011, 'Precious metal enrichment in the Platreef, Bushveld Complex, South Africa: evidence from homogenized magmatic sulfide melt inclusions' Contributions to Mineralogy and Petrology, vol 161, pp. 1011-1026.


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