School of GeoSciences

Access to the Electron Microprobe Facility

This page provides a summary of how to gain access to the facility for non University of Edinburgh clients.

  • Staff members, researchers and research students from any University may gain access to the Facility. The Facility is available for use by commercial and industrial organisations. To request instrument time and discuss analytical requirements and charging information, please contact Dr Chris Hayward.
  • Time is allocated per day. For many applications, the SX100 can be run in automated mode over periods of hours to days, without the user being present. Thus, after setting up the instrument, data can be generated continuously (depending on amenability of samples to fully automated operation).

  • Training and technical assistance during use of the Facility is provided during normal working hours. After training, and by agreement with Facility staff, suitably experienced users may operate the instrument themselves outside normal working hours.

  • Access is subject to availability. Please note that because of heavy demand for the facility, the schedule is normally full for up to 10-12 weeks in advance.

  • A purchase order for the scheduled EPMA time must be emailed to Dr Chris Hayward in advance of commencement of activity.