School of GeoSciences

Accommodation and Food

A range of guest houses and hotels are available. Many clients find those within 1-2 km of the EPMA Facility convenient.

The list of accommodation available includes:

Highfield Guest House.

Lauderville Guesthouse.

Mayfield Lodge.

No. 45, Gilmour Road.

Travelodge, Cameron Toll.


Prices tend to vary throughout the year. It is best to book well in advance if planning to visit the Facility during festival periods (August and Christmas).


Food options for those visiting the Facility range from supermarket ready meals to restaurants and takeaways.

The nearest large market is Sainsbury’s, Cameron Toll.

Restaurants near to the Facility include:

Kwok (Chinese)

The New Bell (pub food)

Pacific Fish Bar (takeaway fish and chips)


Many restaurants nearer to the centre of the city will deliver to the School of Geosciences. If ordering for delivery, it is best to specify the Grant Institute and wait for the delivery at the main doors to the Institute.