School of GeoSciences

Safety Policy

At the core of our safety management system, and underlying all of our operations, we establish a facility-wide Safety Policy.


Statement by the Accountable Manager, Airborne GeoSciences Facility

It is our firm belief that the primary quality criteria for any operation undertaken by AGF must be the safety of our staff, our colleagues, other airspace users, and people and property on the ground.


 It is therefore our intention to maintain the highest standards of safety across all of our operations and related activities, and, wherever possible, to continuously improve safety levels on the basis of our operational experiences and best practice from across the industry.


 The management of AGF will ensure that adequate resources are provided to manage safety effectively.


 To allow us to effectively manage and improve the safety of our operations, we warmly encourage our staff and stakeholders to freely report safety-related events and potential hazards, however insignificant they may consider them at the time.


 We have an open reporting culture that encourages free and frank reporting through a just culture. Reporting and investigation is undertaken to improve safety, not to apportion blame to individuals.


 We strive to achieve:

  1. An accident free environment
  2. An effective safety management system and continuous improvement within an open and just culture
  3. Full compliance with any statutory national and international regulations that may apply to our organisation
  4. A commitment to reduce risks to as low as reasonably practical


 These objectives are for the benefit of the organisation, its employees and its project partners. To this end we have a shared responsibility to achieve these aims.


 Safety is everyone’s responsibility.

...reproduced from the SMS Manual.


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