School of GeoSciences

Quality System

The Quality System is established to provide general management and administrative procedures across the facility.

Quality Manual (secured)

The Quality Manual outlines the high level management principles for the facility.

Register of Objectives (secured)

The register of objectives documents the high level objectives of the facility. It is a living document updated through the steering group.

Register of Opportunities (secured)

The register of opportunities tracks emerging opportunities and our plans to address them.

Register of Risks (secured)

The register of risks tracks emerging management risks (NOT safety risks, which are handled through the Safety Management System) and our plans to address them.

Policy Statements (secured)

Policies are outlined to ensure that all facility users are aware of the terms of access and utilisation of facility resources.

Steering Group (secured)

The facility Steering Group provides high level scientific oversight and governance for the facility. Any significant change to the Quality System requires Steering Group approval.