School of GeoSciences

Quality and Safety Management

We employ a quality system and CAA/EASA compliant Safety Management System (SMS) to govern facility activities. Specific 'Operations Manuals' are used for detailed operational control of the more regulated areas of work.

A facility wide Quailty System is established to provide overall management processes and procedures.

The Quality System establishes a number of operational units within the facility to accommodate the varying safety, regulatory and administrative requirements for different areas of work. Each unit is run according to its own Operations Manual which outlines the detailed operational procedures and, where applicable, regulatory compliance.

A CAA/EASA compliant Safety Management System (SMS) is also established to cover all activities with any implication for aviation safety.

Quality System

The Quality System is established to provide general management and administrative procedures across the facility.

Safety Management System (SMS)

To ensure flight safety at all times a Safety Management System (SMS) compliant with UK CAA and European regulations and guidance is established.

Operations Manuals

Operations Manuals are established for each of the key areas of operation within the Airborne GeoSciences Facility.

Aircraft Documents

Certain documents are required for compliance purposes.