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Specialist, approved, engineering services are required both for continuing airworthiness (i.e. scheduled and unscheduled servicing) and for the implementation of modifications to support measuring systems.

Additionally, all modifications are subject to approval by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA), as the regulatory body responsible for airworthiness of the ECO-Dimona. There are various routes to achieving such approvals.


Certification Specification

The ECO Dimona is an EASA aircraft certified according to Certification Specification CS-22 Sailplanes and Powered Sailplanes.

The latest version of theType Certification Data Sheet (TCDS) for the ECO Dimona is available from EASA here:



Work being done on aircraft underwing pod

Continuing Airworthiness

ECO Dimona Airworthiness

The continuing airworthiness of the ECO Dimona G-GEOS is managed and undertaken by Aircraft Engineers Ltd, of Prestwick.

Airworthiness management and maintenance are conducted according to EASA Part-M Subparts G and F respectively.

The continuing airworthiness program involves a series of scheduled services at regular intervals defined by either flight hours or elapsed calender time (the first to come up). Service items for each scheduled maintenance period are defined by the authorities  and the aircraft/engine manufacturers. Additionally, individual parts are often ‘lifed’, also by flight hours/calendar time, and must be replaced on a regular basis.

Modifications and Approvals

All of our scientific installations are subject to approval by EASA prior to integration. Approval documentation for our ECO-Dimona G-GEOS is available on the  G-GEOS Documents page. The detailed documentation that we provided as part of the certification process is available on the G-GEOS Minor Change Documents (secured) page.