School of GeoSciences

Diamond ECO-Dimona (G-GEOS)

We own and operate a Diamond Hk36 TTC ECO-Dimona light aircraft as our primary manned research platform.

The ECO-Dimona (registration G-GEOS) provides an excellent, low cost, platform for very high resolution remote sensing and atmospheic measurements. The aircraft possesses a number of design features specifically intended to support scientific installations, including under-wing pods, a dedicated electrial system and reserved racking and shelves in the rear cabon and instrument panel areas.

ECO-Dimona Specifications

Diamond HK36 TTC ECO aircraft
The University of Edinburgh owns and operates the Diamond HK36 TTC ECO Dimona (s/n 36.582, registration G-GEOS) through the Airborne GeoSciences Facility.

Instrumentation (2019 Fit)

the camnopy and front science panel of the dimona
The ECO-Dimona 2019 equipment fit features a wider variety of remote sensing and atmospheric equipment.

ECO-Dimona Payload Areas

Aircraft Observer's View and screen
The aircraft as delivered from the factory is provided with a number of areas intended for the installation of additional measuring equipment; this is one of the most unique and attractive qualities of this particular platform.

Manuals and Service Information

Links to the appropriate aircraft and engine manuals and service instructions.