School of GeoSciences

Airborne Sensors

We manage and operate a broad and growing inventory of sensors and systems for airborne applications.

Please Note: All sensor installations on our manned aircraft are subject to certification through the normal routes. The final certification approval documents for our installations can be found on the G-GEOS Documents page; the detailed supporting data provided as part of the certfication processes are available on the G-GEOS Minor Change Documents (secured)page.

Meteorogical Systems

overview of various parts of the meteorological system
Our met system measures temperature, pressure, humidity and turbulence.

Camera Systems

Sony A6000 on drone
RGB camera systems are vital tools within our survey capability on both manned and unmanned, supporting ortho-mapping and structure-from-motion based 3D imaging.

Hyperspectral Imaging

false colour image from hyperspectral imager
Hyperspectral systems provide very high spectral resolution imagery, providing a wealth of information on surface processes and materials.

Core Systems (ECO-Dimona)

Front science panel in the ECO-Dimona
We have installed a range of supporting infrastructure on the ECO-Dimona, known collectively as the Central Services Module (CSM) and the Navigation - Alignment System (NAS).

Multispectral Imaging

Parrot Sequoia multi-spectral sensor
Multispectral systems provide specialised spectral imaging at relatively low cost and weight.

Atmospheric Chemistry

picarro gas analyser under aircraft wing
Our atmospheric chemistry equipment allows us to measure the concentration, distribution, and movement of climatically important trace gases in the atmosphere.

Laser Range Finders

three laser altimeters in a row
We have a range of laser rangefinders and altimeters for use on both manned an unmanned aircraft. These can be used both for flight guidance, and for the generation of point clouds or transects of the surface below.

Navigation and Alignment Systems

image of differential GPS system
For many sensors precise knowledge of location, orientation and attitude are essential for data processing. We operate a number of systems to support sensors with the required information and interfaces.

Manuals and Datasheets (secured)

Manuals and datasheets for the principle sensors and supporting systems.