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Focus on fieldwork

Fieldwork has always been a key part of studying GeoSciences - can you tell us what it was like?

students doing field work

With the help of our alumni we are piecing together a picture of GeoSciences fieldwork from different decades. Do you have a fieldwork memory, anecdote or photograph to share? Whether you remember the people, the landscapes or the weather conditions, we would love to hear from you!


“My favourite memories are of the Scottish trips, particularly the second year field trip to Torridon; the beauty of the place blew my mind. By learning traditional geological sciences in such stunning landscapes I got hooked on fieldwork, eventually staying at Edinburgh to study for a PhD, which resulted in spending a season in my ultimate fieldwork destination - Antarctica.”

Dr Helen Quinn2001 BSc (Geology and Physical Geography), 2006 PhD

Alumni support for student fieldwork

Spending time in the field is an integral and valuable part of every GeoSciences student’s degree. During the course of their studies, our current students carry out fieldwork both in Scotland and abroad - in places as varied as Iceland, the Cairngorms, Spain, Inchnadamph and Jamaica.

The School of GeoSciences works hard to offer the best field courses at the lowest cost to our students. We are keen to ensure that no student struggles financially to pay their fieldwork contribution. Thanks to our generous alumni, we are increasingly able to offer financial assistance to those students who are most in need of a helping hand.

If you are able to make a contribution to student support for fieldwork, please follow the link below.