School of GeoSciences

X-ray Fluorescence Facility

The facility supports in-house research and teaching, as well as academic and commercial services in qualitative or quantitative elemental analysis of geological materials.

The X-ray Fluorescence Facility (XRF) is located within the School of GeoSciences, at the University of Edinburgh.  

Our facility can be used for qualitative or quantitative analysis of geological materials. It consists of an instrument laboratory with a Panalytical PW2404 wavelength-dispersive sequential X-ray spectrometer.  We also have dedicated sample preparation laboratories, supported by sawing, crushing, and grinding facilities.

Contact the X-ray Fluorescence Facility

Contact details and information on access to the X-ray Fluorescence Facility for staff, students and visitors

Equipment and sample requirements

Technical information for users of the facility including instrument specification, and requirements necessary for sample preparation.

Small Research Facility (SRF)

Our X-ray Fluorescence Facility is operated as a Small Research Facility (SRF).

A Small Research Facility (SRF) is a facility or service provided by the School and used for research and teaching.  They are also available for use by the wider community such as external academic or commercial use.  Our SRF's are available for hire or on a consultancy basis.  These charges are recognised by grant funders and can therefore form part of a grant submission.

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