School of GeoSciences

Rare Earth Element (REE) standards

Fourteen REE glasses, together with a Y glass, have been prepared as standard material for SIMS, EPMA and other mico-beam techniques. A suite of these standards is available on request.

Each glass has a single REE in a Si-Al-Ca-O based matrix. The REE is present at a concentration of approximately 20wt% oxide and has been analysed independently by ICP, SIMS, AA, and EMPA.

The preparation and analysis of the glasses have involved a number of staff over a period of 20 years. 

The major contributors are:

  • E. Cairns
  • P.C. Choi (University of Bristol)
  • J. Craven
  • K. Fearnhead
  • P. Hadden
  • P. Hill
  • S. Malik (University of Reading)
  • M. Saunders
  • A. Simonetti (University of Alberta)
  • D. Steele
  • E. Tomlinson (Royal Holloway, University of London)


Preparation of rare earth glasses

Find information on the preparation of rare earth glasses, including a detailed description of the gel making process.

REE glass compositions

We have provided a compilation of the REE data for the individual glasses including EPMA, ICP, and AA analyses.