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Instrument posters

Posters that have been presented at conferences by facility users and technical SIMS posters.

Technical information posters

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Cameca ims-1270 Multi-Collector System

Relative Ion Yield

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Scientific posters

Anna Sturrock et al.,  (2011). Disentangling environmental and physiological influences on  otolith chemistry using a flatfish model 

D.F. Wiggers de Vries et al., (2007) No evidence of diffusive homogenisation of carbon isotopes in Yakutian diamonds

G. Janson et al. (2007) Cyclic growth conditions for Diavik diamonds? Insights from carbon isotopes

A.I.S Kemp et al., (2006) A coupled Lu-Hf and Oxygen Isotope in Zircon approach to granite genesis and crustal evolution.

Tony Kemp and Toshiaki Shimura, Zircon U-Pb (& Lu-Hf) isotope geochronology of the Hidaka Metamorphic Belt, Hokkaido, N.E. Japan

Hinton et al., Goldschmidt Conference 2006: New approaches to U-Pb zircon dating using the Cameca ims-1270

Kelly and Harley The link between Zircon behaviour and ages in high grade metamorphism.

Kelly and Harley Rare Earth Element Guided Zircon Geochronology

Apleby et al. Radiogenic and Stable Isotope Studies of Zircons and Related Minerals.

B. Harte Diamond Formation in association with Deep Mantle Dehydration Zones.

Catherine Johnson et al. The Micro-/Macro-Diamond Relationship: A Preliminary Case Study on Diamonds From Artemisia Kimberlite.