School of GeoSciences

GIS computing suite

Computing-intensive research in Geographical Information Systems (GIS) is supported by access to our well-equipped in-house GIS suite.

A room with university students seated at desks with a large computer at the end of each, in the GIS computing suite

We have a broad range of software licences, including industry-leading commercial GIS and database systems from ESRI and ORACLE.  The suite also includes open-source software such as QGIS, Python and R.  

For those specialising in the processing of space and satellite data, we have a range of industry-leading commercial software such as ERDAS, ENVI and Ecognition.  We also have surveying equipment and software and a small fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs or drones).   

For highly intensive analysis, students can access the Edinburgh Compute and Data Facility for parallel computing.  Specialist training in the use of all these facilities will be provided. 

Students have access to national geo-data facilities, including EDINA and various satellite imagery data portals.  There is also secure backup through the Edinburgh Data Store and secure archiving of published work in the Edinburgh Research Archive.

We operate on multiple platforms, including primarily Windows and UNIX networks. 

Study with us

MSc Geographical Information Science (GIS)

Our successful MSc Geographical Information Science was the first of its type in the world and has a heritage of over 30 years.

MSc GIS degree information

MSc Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management 

Earth observation involves the gathering of information about the Earth’s physical, chemical and biological systems using remote sensing technologies such as satellites. Our unique programme is well-embedded in an active research and industry environment.

MSc Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management degree information

Through our alumni network of past graduates, you will have unrivalled opportunities to connect with Earth observation and GIS professionals during your studies, helping you make contacts in the industry. For this reason, many of our students gain employment by the time they graduate.