School of GeoSciences

Chemical analysis facilities

Our School offers a wide range of geochemical facilities for the the analysis of soils, sediments, plant material, water samples and biochar extracts. We support research and teaching, as well as academic and commercial analytical services for external users.

Our chemical analysis facilities are located within the School of GeoSciences, at the University of Edinburgh. 

  • We support School in-house research and teaching, as well as services to all departments within the University.
  • We also provide academic and commercial research services to external users such as other universities, research bodies and commercial organisations.

Enquiries from external parties are most welcome.

Contact the chemical analysis facilities

Contact details and information on access to the chemical analysis facilities and services for staff, students and visitors.

Analysis and sample preparation

Our facilities have a range of equipment for analysis such as carbonite analysis, organic elemental analysis, nutrient analysis and particle size analysis. We can also assist in sample preparation.

Small Research Facility (SRF)

Our chemical analysis facilities are operated as a Small Research Facility (SRF).

A Small Research Facility (SRF) is a facility or service provided by the School and used for research and teaching.  They are also available for use by the wider community such as external academic or commercial use.  Our SRF's are available for hire or on a consultancy basis.  These charges are recognised by grant funders and can therefore form part of a grant submission.

Explore our Small Research Facilities (SRF)