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We are one of the largest and most successful interdisciplinary grouping of geographers, Earth and environmental scientists in the UK, tackling some of the most significant issues of our time.


A colony of gannets is seen nesting on Bass Rock in Scotland.

MSc Earth Observation and Geoinformation Management student Amy Tyndall was joined by Justin Rowlatt, Climate Editor for BBC News, as she surveyed the gannet population of Bass Rock. Following a devastating bird flu outbreak, Amy is using machine learning to automatically count live, dead and flying gannets in drone imagery.

A female student outdoors in the forest using a looking glass to inspect a plant sample

Making a difference starts here, with our diverse undergraduate, postgraduate and research degree programmes.

Our interdisciplinary degrees span the natural sciences, social sciences, and humanities, providing you with unique opportunities to explore and tackle global challenges.

Open your mind to your options and find a degree that’s perfectly suited to your interests and career aspirations. 

A woman holding a coffee cup seated at a desk surrounded by colleagues and laptops

As one of the largest and most successful groupings of geographers, Earth and environmental scientists in the UK, we tackle the most environmental and social challenges of our times. 

We have pioneered research on the human contribution to climate change which helped underpin the UN Paris Agreement, and the Scottish Government used our work in public health data to respond to the COVID-19 pandemic. And that's just the start...

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