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What is Generation Scotland?

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Generation Scotland is a research study looking at the health and well-being of volunteers and their families. We invite our volunteers to answer questionnaires and provide samples for genetic testing. We combine this with NHS health records and innovative laboratory science to create a rich evidence base for understanding health. Through this rigorous, ethical and safe approach to research, we seek to enable meaningful change in public health.

By joining Generation Scotland, you too can have a voice and take part in research. We aim to listen to our volunteers to understand and respond to their health priorities. By taking part, you will be helping improve the health and well-being of the people of Scotland.  

We already have 7,000 families and over 24,000 members. We are growing. We are ready to welcome new families and family members aged 12 and older to join. Our volunteers have helped support research into diseases, including COVID-19, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, depression, dementia and much more.   

By joining today, you can help us learn about tomorrow. Join now:


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