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Parent-of-Origin effects could be influenced by environment

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The research, using Generation Scotland volunteer data, may help highlight some genes as potential new targets for treatments.

More education could reduce chance of cerebral small vessel disease in later life

A study, including data from more than 1,000 Generation Scotland volunteers, has found that early life experiences can affect cerebral small vessel disease risk.

46 new gene variations found to increase gallstone risk

The research, including Generation Scotland volunteer data, found 75 variations in genes that can affect a person's risk of getting gallstone disease.

People with previous mental ill health hit harder by pandemic disruption

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People with higher levels of depression or anxiety before the pandemic have been more affected by job and healthcare disruption during the pandemic, according to a new study including Generation Scotland volunteer data.

New data suggests smoking has a greater effect on BMI than first thought

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The research, led by Carmen Amador at the University of Edinburgh, analysed genome sequence data from over 18,000 of our volunteers.

Proteins could be the key to catching Alzheimer's Disease early

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The research, led by the University of Oxford, studied the protein data over 1,000 Generation Scotland volunteers.

6 variations in genes identified that can affect non-alcoholic fatty liver disease

The research combined Generation Scotland volunteer data with data from the UK Biobank. It showed that non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can be identified from hospital and GP records.

New genes linked to longer reproductive lifespan in women identified

Research, including Generation Scotland volunteer data, identifies nearly 300 variations in genes that can affect reproductive lifespan in women