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Anxiety and depression due to the pandemic could remain for years

Levels of anxiety and depression remained high between lockdowns and worsened in the second lockdown, found researchers

Unlocking the potential of newborn blood spots

Nurse places heel of baby onto blood spot card
Newborn blood spots from a small sample of 98 Generation Scotland volunteers were tested to see if they could be used for health research on a national scale. Here's what we found.

Study suggests link between severe Covid-19 and long-term mental health outcomes 16 months after illness

Covid-19 Ward
The findings were made after data from more than 18,000 of our CovidLife volunteers were analysed alongside volunteer data from 6 other studies.

New gene linked to kidney function identified

Kidney Glomeruli
Generation Scotland volunteer data used in large scale study that identifies a new gene location affecting kidney function.

New scoring system could pave the way to predicting future health outcomes

By analysing the blood of over 9000 of our volunteers, researchers may have found a new way to predict when some health conditions might develop.

Parent-of-Origin effects could be influenced by environment

Mixed Race Family
The research, using Generation Scotland volunteer data, may help highlight some genes as potential new targets for treatments.

Can DNA methylation research answer important questions about mental health?

The recent findings were made after researchers studied data from over 9,000 Generation Scotland volunteers.

More education could reduce chance of cerebral small vessel disease in later life

A study, including data from more than 1,000 Generation Scotland volunteers, has found that early life experiences can affect cerebral small vessel disease risk.