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Young people found to have poorer mental health during COVID-19

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Generation Scotland and CovidLife volunteer data supports new findings that certain groups are more at risk of poorer mental health during COVID-19 than others.

TeenCovidLife: The results are in

Over 5,000 young people in Scotland took part in our TeenCovidLife survey. We've brought together the first set of results. Read all about them here.

Study finds new indictors to detemine severity of coronavirus (COVID-19)

An illustration of several coronavirus particles
Research, involving Generation Scotland, has found 27 new biomarkers which help to indicate mild and severe forms of coronavirus (COVID-19).

Initial results of CovidLife survey released

Text: What have we found so far? Image: right hand writing left hand typing. Graphs in the middle. Logo: CovidLife
We've brought together the results of over 14,000 volunteer responses, to the CovidLife survey, in our first report. Read more about our findings here.

Generation Scotland set to expand thanks to new funding

Thanks to major new funding from the Wellcome Trust our team has expanded and will soon be looking for more volunteers

Link found between synaesthesia and schizophrenia

Grapheme-coloured synaesthesia is a condition where people associate letters and numbers with specific colours. Researchers found this type of synaesthesia to share some of its biology with schizophrenia.

Scottish Genetic Landscape Echoes the DNA of Past Kingdoms

Orkney standing stones in the sunset
Generation Scotland volunteer data has helped discover that the genetics of people across Scotland today still has similarities to distant ancestors.

Evidence of heart injury found in Generation Scotland volunteers

Researchers suggest a £10 test could be used as an early-warning system to avoid future health problems.