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Information for parents and guardians

Do you have a 12-15 year old in your care? Are you interested in getting them involved in Generation Scotland? Find out how you can help them take part here.

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For the first time, we're inviting 12-15 year olds to join Generation Scotland. As a family health study, we feel it's vital that the mental health and well-being of young people is understood. Do you feel the same way? If you're part of Generation Scotland and have a 12-15 year old, you can invite them to join Generation Scotland too.

To invite them, we ask you to read and agree to what we'll ask them to do and confirm they have the capacity to decide if they want to take part. This is detailed in our parent and guardian information sheet and consent. Details of this can be found below.


We want to be as transparent about what we'll ask your 12-15 year old to do as we can be. So, we've made the questionnaire we'll ask them available to you below. Please note: Not all questions are shown to all volunteers, they will change dependent on responses.


So, how do you invite a 12-15 year old to join? There's 2 ways to invite them:

  • If you say that you care for a 12-15 year old at the end of your questionnaire, you'll be invited to review the information and consent. You can then invite them straight away.
  • You can invite your 12-15 year old from our volunteer portal page by clicking 'Invite a teenager.' You'll be asked to review the information and provide your consent before you can invite them.

Already a Generation Scotland volunteer? Login now to invite your 12-15 year old by clicking the button below.

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