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Generation Scotland Volunteers

Currently a Generation Scotland volunteer? Would you like to find out more and potentially join in? Get more information here.

New Volunteers

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Find out more about Generation Scotland, and how you can join.

Current Volunteers

Information for our current volunteers, including how to log in to the online portal

CovidLife Volunteers

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What are CovidLife, TeenCovidLife and RuralCovidLife? Why are they important? You can find out more here.


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Interested in joining but have some questions you'd like answered first? Take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).

Support Links

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We understand that our questionnaires discuss topics that may be upsetting. If you find you need support for any of the questions asked, take a look at these support pages.

Providing your saliva sample

Not sure how to provide your saliva (spit) sample? This step by step guide will walk you through how to provide your sample using our kit that will be posted to your home.