Generation Scotland

Combining Forces with Other Cohorts

Details on how GS works closely with other cohorts.

GS is large in numbers by most standards and this means that it has the power to detect significant influences on health on its own, but the gold standard in health research is to replicate findings in an independent cohort of people. With GS, this works both ways. If we make a finding, we look to an independent group to see if they see the same, and vice versa. GS and the UK Biobank (a study on 500,000 unrelated individuals across the UK) are one powerful combination. For some studies, very large numbers are required, so from the start we need to combine forces. To do so, GS collaborates extensively with international consortia that have been created to ask and answer questions about specific disease areas. These include SpiroMeta , COGENT, CHARGE, CARTA, PGC and AFGEN.