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Access Process

Researchers can apply to use our resources by following the Generation Scotland Access Process. The following section details how this can be done.

Please be advised our data portal is currently down. To view or gain access to data, please follow the steps outlined below. We are also currently taking longer than usual to respond to enquiries due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). We will endeavour to get back to you as soon as we can.

Researchers are encouraged to get in touch at an early stage of project planning. To help design studies, GS summary data can be viewed on request by contacting

Once a project is agreed, applicants should fill out a collaboration proposal form found below:


Upon submission, these forms are reviewed by the GS Access Committee (GSAC), which meets regularly. Our aim is to review applications within 6-8 weeks of submission, but typically sooner. Please contact us for the next meeting deadline at or on 0131 651 8740. Applicants are notified of the decision no later than 2 weeks after the meeting.

Each project is subject to a Data & Materials Transfer Agreement (DMTA) or commercial contract and once approval is granted it needs to be signed on behalf of the recipient institution. After the DMTA/contract has been signed, materials and/or data can be released.

The application process is described further in the figure below. 


Generation Scotland Access Process
Generation Scotland Access Process


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