Generation Scotland


New Website for Generation Scotland

Welcome to our new website!

The Generation Scotland website was in desperate need of an overhaul. The old website felt cluttered, some information on it was out of date or no longer relevant, and the site was not very easy to navigate. It was therefore decided to move the website over to a new content management system and integrate it with the University of Edinburgh’s webpages.


The move involved building a new website structure from the ground up, transferring pictures and files to the University’s servers, and filling new pages with both existing and new content.


The result is a website that looks less cluttered and is easier to navigate, both for the general public and for researchers interested in using the GS resource. The information on this new website is now up to date, and we will add regular updates about news, events, and related GS matters.


We hope you enjoy looking around our new website. If you would like to give us feedback on the new pages, you can do so by emailing us at