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Generation Scotland Receives 300th Proposal Application

We are celebrating submission of the 300th proposal received, to work with Generation Scotland data.

DPUK submitted their proposal to GS on 20th April for their dementia research. It is with thanks to all GS participants that we were able to reach this milestone.

Research proposals received by GS have resulted in over 150 published papers, with more than 50 currently undergoing the publication process. They have covered a wide range of topics, including mental health, Alzheimer’s disease, cardiovascular disease, chronic pain, cancer and more.

The Generation Scotland Access Committee reviews all proposals to ensure that they are scientifically sound, can be supported by the resource and comply with the aims of GS and the original consent given by participants.

A variety of data and materials are available to researchers. In the majority of collaborative projects, multiple sources of data are used. If you are interested in our data, you can use the links below to see what we have available and the process for accessing it.


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