Generation Scotland


GS publishes 10 year report

In the report, we look at the past, present and future of Generation Scotland.

The 11-page report includes general information on Generation Scotland and the three tissue banks it incorporates. We give an overview of the history of GS and describe some of the major milestones, such as the endorsement of the GS outline by the Chief Scientist and the launch of GS, the start and finish of participant recruitment, and completion of genetic annotation of 20,000 GS participants.

The report also contains information about collaborations with researchers and consortia. In the past decade, Generation Scotland has received over 240 collaboration proposals from researchers who are interested in using GS resources to answer a range of research questions. In addition to collaborative projects with individual researchers, GS contributes to various national and international consortia. By contributing data to consortia, Generation Scotland supports important meta-analyses and large-scale research projects.

Collaborations with researchers and consortia often lead to publications in a variety of high-ranking academic journals, and the report includes information on the number of GS papers (that is, papers arising from projects using Generation Scotland resources) published over the last decade.

Finally, the last section of the report describes what could be in store for Generation Scotland in the future. We would like to expand the resource by adding participants, data, and samples. After all, the larger the cohort, the more powerful it becomes to ask and answer health related questions.


You can download the full report from the link below.