Generation Scotland


2012 Glasgow Symposium Promotes GS Resources

Over 125 scientists from around the UK and the US met in Glasgow to discuss the valuable research resources available through Generation Scotland.

13 March 2012


The one day symposium titled "Generation Scotland: What can Bioresources do for research, development and innovation?" attracted guests and speakers from Academia, Industry and the National Health Service, and effectively launched the Scottish Family Health Study (GS:SFHS) to a wider scientific audience. National and international speakers gave presentations on aspects of their genetic-based research, some involving GS:SFHS data. Professor Blair H. Smith who led GS:SFHS gave a comprehensive and engaging overview of the study and how the data is being used to investigate chronic pain.


Dr Shona Kerr, who chairs the GS Access Committee which oversees applications to use GS resources, said, "We have had a very positive response from researchers who are keen to collaborate with us and utilise GS resources for research to develop our understanding of the genetic basis of common diseases. To date, the majority of applications to use GS have come from academic groups but it is important to encourage industry to invest their considerable resources to make the most of SFHS data and samples to help develop drugs and to understand and diagnose disease."


Dr Iain McWilliam from Arrayjet Ltd said, "The meeting today has been fabulous... It was good to see the breadth of different projects that are being undertaken by the various groups linking into the GS resources and a good teaser for what is to come over the next few years."


As a result of the meeting GS has already seen a jump in the number of applications to use the resource, pushing the total requests over the 100 mark. We aim to build on the success of this event with a similar event in 2013 with a greater focus on attracting top quality UK and international scientists and commercial companies.