Generation Scotland


Generation Scotland and Arrayjet Form Exciting New Collaboration

Generation Scotland and Arrayjet Ltd have announced a new collaboration. The project builds on the complementary strengths of Generation Scotland and Arrayjet; combining high quality research, human biobank material and health data with cutting edge inkjet microarray technology.

12 October 2012



The initiative, supported by funding from Scottish Enterprise aims to develop new products and services to support biomarker identification and development. Following the announcement, Dr Iain McWilliam, Chief Executive Officer of Arrayjet said, "The field of biomarker discovery and research is a dynamic one, and is a key focus area for Arrayjet. Our technology allows us to rapidly produce high quality microarrays from a wide range of biobank sample types such as those available from Generation Scotland. We are excited to share the opportunity with Generation Scotland to further demonstrate how microarrays can benefit biomarker research using the GS sample resource."


Professor Andrew Morris from Generation Scotland said, "This is an exciting project for Generation Scotland, allowing us to explore cutting edge technologies to facilitate research on GS samples and data and maximise the efficiency with which that research can be done".