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Link found between synaesthesia and schizophrenia

Grapheme-coloured synaesthesia is a condition where people associate letters and numbers with specific colours. Researchers found this type of synaesthesia to share some of its biology with schizophrenia.

Scottish Genetic Landscape Echoes the DNA of Past Kingdoms

Orkney standing stones in the sunset
Generation Scotland volunteer data has helped discover that the genetics of people across Scotland today still has similarities to distant ancestors.

Evidence of heart injury found in Generation Scotland volunteers

Researchers suggest a £10 test could be used as an early-warning system to avoid future health problems.

Generation Scotland Joins Wellcome Open Research Gateway

Wellcome Open Research Gateway Website Capture
Generation Scotland recently joined the Wellcome Open Research Gateway. It provides a personalised portal for research groups involved in Wellcome Trust funded research.

102 Genes Found Linked to Depression

Generation Scotland data was used in a study that found 102 genes related to depression.

MHDSS Data Sharing Survey - Get Involved!

Do you use the NHS? This is your chance to take part in a survey to help researchers understand your views on sharing health data for research purposes.

Generation Scotland - Leading the way in biobank data access for research

Generation Scotland is leading the way in biobank data access for research.

Doors Open Day 2018

IGMM building
On 29th September 2018, at the Institute of Genetics and Molecular Medicine (IGMM) in Edinburgh, we took part in Doors Open Day!